I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls





This innovative coloring book puts the science of learning into practice with each inspirational and empowering page. Speaking as a child development specialist, and also a parent, this coloring book offers a much-needed opportunity for children to slow down and engage in imaginative play…one of the best ways for children to discover there is no limit to what they might accomplish. –Amy Pace, Ph.D. & Professor at the University of Washington

Hopscotch Girls is working diligently to empower young girls by using affirmations through coloring. Each page of this book has an affirmation on it accompanied by images that reinforce each statement and are just plain fun for young girls to color. If we can soothe and set the soul on the path to healing with coloring, then we most certainly can inspire our young women to believe in themselves, have a healthy body image, to always believe they can do anything they want when they set their mind to it. –Color On! Magazine

About the Author

Hopscotch Girls is a progressive media company dedicated to empowering girls. The company believes in strong female role models, reinforcing a healthy body image, inspiring confidence, and encouraging STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills.


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